Why franchising?

Franchising is a fantastic way to start and run your own business – it provides you with an opportunity to earn a high income but with the support and backup of the franchisor behind you.

A franchise reduces the risk of failure

Starting a new business always carries a risk – new businesses are vulnerable. The degrees of vulnerability vary depending on:

  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Financial resources
  • Relevant abilities

Many who start up their own business lack some or all of these qualities. Many fail because they cannot learn quickly enough – before the money runs out. 80% of new businesses starting today will fail within the first five years.

With a franchise this risk is substantially reduced – because you are buying the experience and expertise of the franchisor. This will also stop you making the same mistakes that they have made during their trading life.

And because you become part of a successful business, you will be able to take advantage of their knowledge and link into the strong relationships that they have developed over the years.


Other franchise benefits

As we said right at the beginning of this section, a franchise provides the opportunity to earn a high income working for yourself but with the training, support and experience of an established business behind you.

You are selling an established product or service with a turnkey business plan and
format for you to operate. This includes the brand, systems and processes, lead generation and marketing assistance plus help with raising finance if required.

The London International Franchise Show is the largest franchise exhibition in the year. 

It normally runs over 2 days and is not to be missed if you are considering a floor care franchise. Most companies operating such franchises, will be present and it is ideal to be able to compare the different packages under one roof, and at the same time.

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