Why Should I Choose a Floor Care Franchise?

Reason (1): High Income Potential

As a NU-LIFE Partner you will have the opportunity to improve your quality of life, earning a high income building a very lucrative and fun business. With training, support and experience of an established business behind you, along with proven marketing business formulas, which will form the basis on which every NU-LIFE Partner operates.
Demand for our services is very high and Partners will have an exclusive and LARGE area with minimal competition.

The vast earning potential for a NU-LIFE Partner can be seen in the Earning Potential section of this prospectus.

Reason (2): Exclusive Yellow Pages Area

Your very own LARGE and EXCLUSIVE Yellow
Pages Area to work within. You’re guaranteed to be the only NU-LIFE Partner in the area, none of this multiple franchise competition. This means that only you can operate and market within your chosen area.

The size of your area means that you have the
opportunity to build a sizeable business over the coming years without being restricted by a small territory.

Reason (3); Repeat Business and Referrals

One of the great benefits of this Franchise is ongoing repeat business and referrals from the commercial businesses and “high end” residential homes. This includes the General Public and any commercial business, offices, property companies, hotels, restaurants, car dealers, the list is endless.

Reason (4): Credibility and Exclusive Use of Company Brand

As part of the Franchise Agreement you get to use the NU-LIFE systems, processes, systems, name, logo, website, history and stationery. This gives you credibility and confidence to go out into the market place and get off to a good start.

Reason (5): Management Systems, Training And Ongoing Support

Previous experience is not required as comprehensive training and support will be given to Partners which combine on the job and class room based technical training. Ongoing support and assistance is continually available as part of the Franchise offering. See the Training Section of this prospectus for more details.

You’ll Achieve Outstanding and Greatly Satisfying Results

Reason (6): Expert Management Team To ensure Your Success

Experts of NU-LIFE are in place to support Partners on a day to day basis. There is also a highly skilled and experienced Management Team in place to offer support and guidance, to the running of your NU-LIFE business franchise. Best Practice sharing takes place and helps to keep all the NU-LIFE Partners operating effectively and efficiently.

Reason (7): Assistance With Raising Finance

Finance Packages are available for prospective Partners if required. A Business Plan template has been developed which is then amended to suit your particular circumstances. This can then be shown to any high street bank or lender either by yourself or with our assistance. This approach helps secure the lowest finance rates available.

Reason (8): Proven Lead Generation

NU-LIFE has a proven business formula for generating leads and business for Partners. This is arguably the most important part for any Partner in order to maximize their earning potential.

The key area which is covered in your training and Operations Manual is the Maximising earnings which covers techniques, lead conversion and maximising the amount of money in the deal. This also includes backend income too.

The NU-LIFE website is focused on the customer’s need and is a source of information as well as directing them towards enquiries and bookings. We maintain a centralised phone number to pass on enquiries and bookings to you.

By promoting our products and services UK wide we create awareness of our operations and generate business for you.

Reason (9): Highly Creditable, Established Business

We’ve been operating now for over 25 years providing quality floor cleaning services to the public and businesses of all sizes and sectors. Huge demand for our services means that we are now in a position to expand our services nationally through a franchise network.

Reason (10): Local and National Targeted Marketing

Unique marketing systems which are exclusive to NU-LIFE Partners, targeted locally and nationally. The systems enable you to develop initial and ongoing maintenance programmes for all types of business, residential and commercial.

Reason (11): Personal One to One Coaching

Regular one to one conferences calls, assisting in developing your business and therefore, ensuring your continued success. Each call is specific to you
and your business.

Planned national meetings with other NU-LIFE Partners, with Expert Speakers to motivate and a Risk Free Guarantee for your clients

Reason (12): Exclusive, Patented products and techniques

Unique to our industry, NU-LIFE Manufactures the most exclusive of stone care products as well as providing the service of restoring stone. This provides a unique advantage to our network of valued Partners, allowing us to offer an unequalled and risk free guarantee.

Reason (13): Continual research and development

NU-LIFE will continue to research and develop new products, services, strategies and market areas, enabling each Partner to expand and grow, keeping ahead of the competition

Reason (14): Regular coaching sessions – Valuable advice and insights – National Meetings – Expert speakers

Regular one to one conferences calls, assisting in developing your business and therefore, ensuring your continued success. Each call is specific to you and your business.
Planned national meetings with other NU-LIFE Partners, with Expert Speakers to mot inspire. Discussions of trends and the needs for the franchise to dominate the market place, new products and innovations. And of course some “getting to know you leisure

Reason (15): Development of National Accounts

NU-LIFE has already developed national awareness by providing stone care services for a number of hotel chains, property companies, stone suppliers and importers and manufacturers. As the network grows, NU-LIFE is therefore greatly positioned to expand their national accounts programme.

Professional Tools
The very latest, innovative tools and equipment to ensure you and your clients are getting the best results possible

The London International Franchise Show is the largest franchise exhibition in the year. 

It normally runs over 2 days and is not to be missed if you are considering a floor care franchise. Most companies operating such franchises, will be present and it is ideal to be able to compare the different packages under one roof, and at the same time.

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