The Training Process and Ongoing Support

NU-LIFE has spent 18 months developing their Partner Training Programme and Operations Manual.

It has been meticulously designed to take somebody with no previous stone floor cleaning and restoration background or marketing know-how and give them the required skills and knowledge to operate their own NU-LIFE Franchise.

Initial Training

The initial intensive training takes place over 10 to 14 full days at NU-LIFE. The training covers the following areas:

  1. NU-LIFE Natural Stone Floor Cleaning Overview and The Market Place
  2. Setting Up Your NU-LIFE Business
  3. Running Your NU-LIFE Business
  4. Sales and Marketing for your NU-LIFE Business
  5. Administration for your NU-LIFE Business
  6. Reporting for your NU-LIFE Business
  7. On the job training for your NU-LIFE Business

This training gives you sufficient knowledge to confidently begin trading as NU-LIFE within your large and exclusive territory.


Ongoing Bespoke Training

Once you have had your initial training from NU-LIFE it doesn’t stop there. Ongoing bespoke training is available to you at any time if you want more advanced training or just some refresher training to go over anything again.

We are committed to the success of all our Partners and feel that our training, support and backup are key features of our Franchise offering.

Ongoing Support

As mentioned above ongoing training is available at any time. NU-LIFE also provides comprehensive telephone and e-mail support too. This ensures you are never left on your own and support is available whenever you need it.

The London International Franchise Show is the largest franchise exhibition in the year. 

It normally runs over 2 days and is not to be missed if you are considering a floor care franchise. Most companies operating such franchises, will be present and it is ideal to be able to compare the different packages under one roof, and at the same time.

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