The Marble and Natural Stone Cleaning Marketplace
The move by commercial and domestic homeowners (particularly high end homes) to install natural stone floors is growing at an unprecedented pace and the owners are finding out that it takes skill and knowledge to restore and maintain their treasured floors.

As a highly trained, Nu-Life franchise Partner using the easily learned skills and knowledge, you’ll become an expert in the filed of restoring all types of natural stone floors.

You’ll also become an expert in marketing your business with our little known secrets, exclusive to you which if performed correctly will GUARANTEE YOUR SUCCESS

Your Stone Care business will offer a range of marble and natural stone cleaning services which

Marble, granite and natural stone polishing
Natural stone restoration and protection treatments
Ceramic tile and grout cleaning and restoration
Protective seals for all floor coverings and the appliance of breathable stone sealants
You will be mobile, working from home or business unit. You’ll provide your service in the client’s home (some very prestigious homes) or business premises, in fact, anyone who needs a hard floor cleaning and restoration service.

Your Clients

Clients for NU-LIFE’s services come from a wide range of sources:

  Public Hotels
  Restaurants Bars
•  Leisure centres Conference Centres
  Universities Airports
  Local Authorities Residential homes
•  Car Showrooms Nursing homes
  And so many more…

Clean & Capture System
Our new technology allows us to restore tiles and grout with enclosed, highly pressurised spinning tools, with complete control, for removal of the most ingrained dirt, giving the most thorough cleaning they've ever seen!

Clients can have their old sad looking tile and grout, deep cleaned to a wonderful and satisfying appearance. They will be amazed at how effective this new and unique system works. Returning their old tiles and grout, to a new like condition.

Worn, dull and scratched marble, loses its shine, becomes sad looking and embarrassing.
Our craftsmen, refinish and polish marble floors or worktops, to a wonderfully and satisfying appearance. Removing old stains and scratches, restoring natural stone giving a beautiful and absolutely stunning, like new finish.

Our research into the cleaning, restoration & polishing of natural stones, has taken us to the far reaches of the world, such as China, Italy, Indian and the USA. Here we discovered an entirely new way of cleaning and restoration.

After cleaning we can apply a fantastic new solution that will give an amazing and durable shine. We can also apply an impregnated sealer which will leave their Tiles & Grouting so much easier to clean and maintain.

The London International Franchise Show is the largest franchise exhibition in the year. 

It normally runs over 2 days and is not to be missed if you are considering a floor care franchise. Most companies operating such franchises, will be present and it is ideal to be able to compare the different packages under one roof, and at the same time.

The Natural Stone Floor Cleaning & Restoration Specialist

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