NU LIFE Marble and Natural Stone Floor Care Franchise

“If You Would Like To Take Your Life From Where It Is Today and Dramatically Increase Your Chances Of Running Your Own, Very Successful & Lucrative Business…

“We Are Ready To Reveal The Secrets To A Select Group Of Only 79 People Just Like YOU…Who Crave Financial Independence

“If You Qualify, You Could Be On Your Way To The Business Success That You Always Dreamed Of…”

Dear Business Building Friend

We have created a unique business opportunity that we believe is a no-fail, easy, lucrative and fun way for you to become a very successful and wealthy business owner, with little, if no competition.

We invite you to be one of the first - strictly limited - select group of just 79 highly motivated people, who will be offered the chance to participate, grow and take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity, an opportunity that WILL SKYROCKET YOUR INCOME AND WEALTH, to a level that you could only previously wish for.

How do we know?

Quite simply, we’ve been where you are today, trying to find that one single chance that’s going to fulfill your dreams.

Let us say right now, this is not a “get rich quick deal”. Maybe there are some ways you could may some quick money but most don’t pay long term – Ask most bank robbers!!

Here’s our story of how we found our “chance” and how it could become your golden opportunity to the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

Over the past 25 years, we have established possibly, the biggest and most successful independent Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Businesses in the North of England. And we adhered strictly to industry standards.

But the opportunity we have for you is not Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning…

There are literally 100s of carpet tile cleaning franchises who deal with carpet tile installations  And as very successful Carpet Cleaning company owners, we would NOT buy a carpet cleaning franchise! We’ll tell you why when we meet.

But for now, let us tell you about the discovery we have made and the fantastic opportunity that is waiting for you (if you get in quickly) in this niche business.

Three years ago, we had so many of our existing clients asking if we could clean and restore their marble floors, make them shine, stop them from getting scratched, keep them safe from slipping on, how could they maintain the appearance, would it be possible to clean and restore their dirty tiles and grout lines, slate floors, limestone floors -- the list was just becoming endless.

Initially, in our efforts to help, we suggested we would find somebody to recommend to them. The ridiculous thing was… we struggled to find anybody who could help!

So we thought…we had better look into this more deeply! The more we searched, the more we discovered there were very few people offering this service and still, more and more clients were asking for help.

We searched the internet and the world for knowledge, including the USA, China, Italy and India, looking for the best products, training and equipment. For over 3 years we tested 547 products, 107 types of machines and numerous amounts accessory equipment. If you’d have driven past our work unit during this period, you would seen our workshop lights on well past midnight most nights.

Finally, after so much testing, we decided on the ones that would best serve our and our clients needs (we now manufacture our own).

We then quite simply applied marketing strategies, what we call our “Leverage Chart”. This is a little known secret of 5 simple ways of applying the knowledge that we have, to proven methods of ongoing strategies which dramatically increase business and profits.

Sounds unbelievable? we used to think so too – but not anymore

But remember, it’s taken us 25 years to figure all this out! And now, we’re ready to hand all this knowledge and proven ways of rapidly building your business, generating wealth and financial security over to you, the very minute that you become part of the Nu-Life Franchise network

Let us show you, just how successful you can be implementing our methodical processes to generate a wonderful and financially secure, profitable business.

Right now – as you read this – There are hundreds, even thousands of people and businesses in YOUR area who are waiting to buy the services that we offer - ‘instantly’ if just four basic things happened:

  1. You say “YES” and invest in a Nu-Life Stone Care Franchise
  2. You let us train you (and/or your staff) to become skilled craftsmen
  3. You knew the secrets of marketing your business to your potential market place
  4. You let us show you how

And that’s it! But of course, the process of achieving those three simple steps is not as simple as it sounds. You need to offer an outstanding service with a proven record. A service that is second to none in the industry. And we’ll show you just how simple it is…

Here Is Just Some Of What You Will Learn

(Please note: some of the things you will learn are as a result of the teaching methods from our consultations and training courses, and still others you will learn as a result of ongoing supplementary materials we give you as part of your continual Nu-Life franchisee training.

What follows is only a PARTIAL LIST!

Training to be A Craftsman

  • Natural Stone History – (What is Natural Stone)
  • Natural Stone Identification
  • Cleaning & Restoration Techniques
  • Impregnation (A world Apart)
  • Diamond Grinding
  • Marble Polishing Secrets
  • Granite Polishing Secrets
  • Limestone Polishing Secrets
  • Natural Stone Maintenance
  • Natural Stone Sealing (never before seen techniques in sealing and reviving natural stone)
  • Colour Enhancement on Natural Stone (unique to Nu-Life)
  • Ceramic Tile & Grout Restoration
  • Grout Impregnation
  • Porcelain Restoration
  • The advantages of a stone care franchise vs a carpet cleaning franchise

Easy Step by Step Systemised Sales & Marketing

  • 111 Effective Sales ideas
  • A Simple Technique Of Breaking The Ice When Approaching Retailers To Recommend YOU
  • 8 Reasons Why A Referral Source Should Deal With You Only
  • How To Get Testimonials And Use Them To Boost Your Sales
  • How To Create A Systemised Sales And Marketing Programme
  • How To Test And Measure Your Sales In Order To Increase Your Profits
  • How to create an offer That Is Irresistible.
  • How To TRIPLE Your Personal Income Without Increasing Your Workload
  • Database Marketing
  • Laptop Presentation
  • Brochures and Leaflets That WORK!
  • Sales Letters That Work!
  • Easy Introductory Phone Scripts
  • Ready To Use Sales Scripts – Exactly What To Say To Convert Your Sales
  • Client Newsletters
  • Introductory Letters To Your Clients
  • Retailers Packs
  • How To Get Other Trades To Refer Their Clients To You
  • 4 Closely Guarded Secrets Of Leverage – With 80 Methods Of Implementing
  • 5 – Ways To Increase Business Profits with 344 Methods To Systematically Introduce In Your Business
  • Full Health & Safety – Risk Assessments – Safe Systems Of Work, Just Insert Your Name
  • Quotation Programmes
  • Follow up Letters
  • Thank You Letters
  • Weekly Phone Consultations

…and so much more…

In a nutshell, the training you will be getting – and the access to the personal help you will have from us – amounts to the most comprehensive, detailed, and “hands on” franchise you could ever wish for



Naturally, we have to limit the number of franchisees into our fold because we want to provide you with the best opportunity and the biggest area to ensure your success.

So, if you are interested and you want to be one of our “hand picked” specially trained craftsmen, even if you want to have other people doing he work for you, preferring to direct the operation, working ON your business rather than IN it - you should respond quickly. After all the places are filled, we will have to turn away any further applications.

Places Limited To Just 79 Selected People

Why 79? Well, this is because of the accurate number of areas in the UK which we have identified, which will ensure your complete success. Also, we didn’t want to overextend ourselves more than we could comfortably manage.

The reason we tell you this, is because the window of opportunity here, will not remain open for long.

We urge you to contact us NOW because you may never have another opportunity like this.

You can Fax or email your interest but the best way is to pick up the phone and arrange an informal meeting straight away.

We greatly look forward to meeting with you.

Our very best regards,

Andrew Deakin
Floorcare Franchise.


The London International Franchise Show is the largest franchise exhibition in the year. 

It normally runs over 2 days and is not to be missed if you are considering a floor care franchise. Most companies operating such franchises, will be present and it is ideal to be able to compare the different packages under one roof, and at the same time.

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